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* Start doing unit tests =
* download page - allow user to assemble minified thing from component parts
* remove dependencies from the project and make them get sucked in some other way
* RSS feed on site
* Resize event
* callback on all entities
* look at Nick's resize code
* re-jig the canvas size to make it still fit it's container
old notes
* move lineOnLine and pointInPoly out of the global namespace
* test multiplayer demo with all three browsers at the same time for a while
* put json2.js fetch into the documentation generation Makefile externals
* update FallingGame with audio
* update AsteroidsTNG with audio
* in internet explorer, "caller" is not defined perhaps - check multiplayer code & grep for others
* nesters.js - child and parent heirarchies
* Wojtek/vibrant's "canvas passthrough" camera method for a camera.js class
* resize code from "Lynx" on tigsource:
// When the window is resized, expand the canvas to fit
var resizeHandler = function(ev) {
var canvas = gs.canvas;
var width = window.innerWidth;
var height = window.innerHeight;
canvas.width = width;
canvas.height = height; = width; = height;
gs.width = width;
gs.height = height;
if (window.addEventListener) {
window.addEventListener('resize', resizeHandler, false);
} else if (document.body.attachEvent) {
document.body.attachEvent('onresize', resizeHandler);
} else if(document.body.onresize) {
document.body.onresize = resizeHandler;
* on addEntity() add methods to the object
* addEntity() method for objects to nest objects?
* canvas coordinate passhthrough optionally?
* set_priority() method for updating priority of an object?
* tutorial with:
* progress bars
* sprites
* vectors
* audio
* keyboard/pointer input
* collisions
* multiplayer server + examples + documentation
* finish tmxmap stuff + demo
* method to add a whole array of new entities
* method to erase a whole array of entities
* make a method to get actual framerate
* menu.js - creates a nice full-screen text menu
* piemenu.js - creates a piemenu
* use twinhelix pngfix on site
* external library demo links direct in readme
* extend canvas with useful methods (like drawlines)
* double buffering
* FlashCanvas works fastest from inside same canvas - double canvas width and buffer from left-to-right
* try and get audio onload working on all platforms
* fix internet explorer offset bug