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Vim plugin for Nginx


The plugin is based on the recent vim-plugin distributed with nginx-1.12.0 and additionally features the following syntax improvements:

  • Highlight IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Mark insecure ssl_protocols as errors
  • Inline template syntax highlight for ERB and Jinja
  • Inline syntax highlight for LUA
  • Improve integer matching
  • Syntax highlighting for proxy_next_upstream options
  • Syntax highlighting for sticky options
  • Syntax highlighting for upstream server options
  • More to come!


  • Remove annoying delimiters, resulting in strange word-boundaries

Note: Also check out sslsecure.vim: it supports highlighting insecure SSL/TLS cipher suites and protocols in all your files!


A server block with highlighting of insecure ssl_protocol options: nginx server block with SSL configuration

An upstream block with highlighted options: nginx upstream configuration

Embedded highlighting for ERB and Jinja templates: Embedded highlighting for ERB and Jinja templates

Embedded LUA syntax highlighting: Embedded LUA syntax highlighting


The plugin comes with useful snippets which can be accessed using e.g. vim-snipmate.

Select a decent cipher for your requirements (all of them can provide SSLLabs A+ ratings)

  • ciphers-paranoid<tab>: Even-more-secure ciphers (elliptic curves, no GCM), not compatible with IE < 11, OpenSSL-0.9.8, Safari < 7, Android != 4.4
  • ciphers-modern<tab>: High-security ciphers (elliptic curves), not compatible with IE < 11, OpenSSL-0.9.8, Safari < 7, Android < 4.4 (recommended)
  • ciphers-compat<tab>: Medium-security ciphers with good compatibility (No IE on WinXP) but TLSv1 and SHA required
  • ciphers-old<tab>: Low-security ciphers (using weak DES and SHA ciphers, TLSv1), but compatible with everything but IE6 and Java6
  • ssl-options<tab>: Bootstrap secure SSL options


# High-security ciphers (elliptic curves), less compatibility
# No IE < 10, OpenSSL-0.9.8, Safari < 7, Android < 4.4
ssl_protocols TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2;

Or add a robots.txt file with robots.txt<tab>:

# Tell bots to not index this site
location /robots.txt {
    default_type text/plain;
    return 200 'User-agent: *\nDisallow: /\n';

It also has auto-completion for location and server blocks with location<tab> resp. server<tab>, and many more!


  • Based on the original nginx-1.12.0/contrib/vim
  • IPv4 and IPv6 address highlighting, based on expressions found in this forum post
  • Blog post introducing this plugin including some more examples



git clone ~/.vim/bundle/nginx.vim

Other (Plug, Dein.vim, Vundle)

" Plug
Plug 'chr4/nginx.vim'

" Dein.vim
call dein#add('chr4/nginx.vim')

" Vundle
Plugin 'chr4/nginx.vim'

Optionally, if you like Jinja template syntax highlighting, install lepture/vim-jinja, too.