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C#raft Development Readme

The official repository is at:

IRC Channel: #c#raft



Fork the code from the DEVELOP branch and submit pull requests for that branch, once coding standards have been verified you may be given direct commit access. You need the .NET 4 Framework if you wish to contribute, builds are also compiled against the mono compiler to check compatibility. Comment your code well, remember that you are not the only one contributing. Builds are built on each commit and the status output to the IRC channel.

Use spaces as tabs (4 per tab), you can set this in visual studio in MonoDevelop you can set this for the solution in the Solution options / Source Code / Code Formatting / Text file / Text Style, tick Convert tabs to spaces.

Latest build is available here:

Raising Issues:
Raise issues here:

You need the .net4 framework for windows, and mono 2.10+ for linux.
For windows just run the exe, for linux plese run using mono --debug Chraft.exe

example format -

Title: Doing something breaks the server.

To Reproduce:
1. Smash some trees
2. Get some wood
3. Make sticks
4. Crash

Error file :


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