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An open source Windows context menu extension and command line tool for normalizing JPEG images that have EXIF orientation properties. Images will be rotated accordingly and the EXIF orientation property removed.

The Problem - Why your photos don't always appear correctly rotated

I was motivated to create this extension after putting slideshows together for various software/hardware and discovering that the orientation property of JPEGs are not being respected. This resulted in images being displayed upside down or sideways. There are some tools that do this already, but not as seamlessly as a native context menu extension for Windows.

If you find this useful, feel free to buy me a coffee!



Latest 32 and 64 bit versions Windows Vista,7,8,10

Windows Shell Context Menu Extension

JPEGAutoRotator will appear in the context menu when you right-click single or multiple images (as well as folders that are treated as image folders). The contents of sub folders are also enumerated and rotated as necessary. JPEGAutoRotator will show a progress dialog if the operation takes more than a couple of seconds.

The code takes advantage of systems with multiple processors/cores by parallelizing the work across multiple threads resulting in faster execution.

Rotations are lossless unless JPEGs do not have dimensions evenly divisible by 8. Almost all modern digital cameras produce images of such size.


Image description

Image description

Command Line

A command line version (JPEGAutoRotator.exe) is also available which provides more control over the operation that is performed.

Normalize JPEG images with EXIF orientation properties. Images are rotated based on the EXIF data
and the orientation property is then removed.

  JPEGAutoRotator [Options] Path

  -?                    Displays this help message
  -Silent               No output to the console
  -Verbose              Detailed output of operation and results to the console
  -NoSubFolders         Do not enumerate items in sub folders of path
  -LosslessOnly         Do not rotate images which would lose data as a result.
  -ThreadCount n        Number of threads used for the rotations. Default is the number of cores on the device.
  -MinItemsPerThread n  The minimum number of items per worker thread.
  -Stats                Print detailed information of the operation that was performed to the console.
  -Progress             Print progress of operation to the console.
  -Preview              Provides a printed preview in csv format of what will be performed without modifying any images.

  Path                  Full path to a file or folder to auto-rotate.  Wildcards allowed.

  > JPEGAutoRotator c:\users\chris\pictures\mypicturetorotate.jpg
  > JPEGAutoRotator c:\foo\
  > JPEGAutoRotator c:\bar\*.jpg
  > JPEGAutoRotator -Progress -Stats c:\test\
  > JPEGAutoRotator -Preview -LosslessOnly -NoSubFolders c:\test\


JPEGAutoRotator.exe -Progress -Stats "D:\Pictures\Iceland Pix\"
Processed 1009 of 1009 items...
Number of items processed:      1009
Number of valid JPEGs:          1009
Number of JPEGs rotated:        198

Max Worker Threads:     8
Worker Threads:         8
Min Items Per Thread:   10
Items Per Thread:       126

Operation took: 55703 ms