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// This is the CPU part of the surface measurement
// Author: Christian Diller,
#include <kinectfusion.h>
#pragma GCC diagnostic push
#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wall"
#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wextra"
#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Weffc++"
#include <opencv2/cudaimgproc.hpp>
#include <opencv2/cudawarping.hpp>
#pragma GCC diagnostic pop
using cv::cuda::GpuMat;
namespace kinectfusion {
namespace internal {
namespace cuda { // Forward declare CUDA functions
void compute_vertex_map(const GpuMat& depth_map, GpuMat& vertex_map, const float depth_cutoff,
const CameraParameters cam_params);
void compute_normal_map(const GpuMat& vertex_map, GpuMat& normal_map);
FrameData surface_measurement(const cv::Mat_<float>& input_frame,
const CameraParameters& camera_params,
const size_t num_levels, const float depth_cutoff,
const int kernel_size, const float color_sigma, const float spatial_sigma)
// Initialize frame data
FrameData data(num_levels);
// Allocate GPU memory
for (size_t level = 0; level < num_levels; ++level) {
const int width = camera_params.level(level).image_width;
const int height = camera_params.level(level).image_height;
data.depth_pyramid[level] = cv::cuda::createContinuous(height, width, CV_32FC1);
data.smoothed_depth_pyramid[level] = cv::cuda::createContinuous(height, width, CV_32FC1);
data.color_pyramid[level] = cv::cuda::createContinuous(height, width, CV_8UC3);
data.vertex_pyramid[level] = cv::cuda::createContinuous(height, width, CV_32FC3);
data.normal_pyramid[level] = cv::cuda::createContinuous(height, width, CV_32FC3);
// Start by uploading original frame to GPU
// Build pyramids and filter bilaterally on GPU
cv::cuda::Stream stream;
for (size_t level = 1; level < num_levels; ++level)
cv::cuda::pyrDown(data.depth_pyramid[level - 1], data.depth_pyramid[level], stream);
for (size_t level = 0; level < num_levels; ++level) {
cv::cuda::bilateralFilter(data.depth_pyramid[level], // source
data.smoothed_depth_pyramid[level], // destination
// Compute vertex and normal maps
for (size_t level = 0; level < num_levels; ++level) {
cuda::compute_vertex_map(data.smoothed_depth_pyramid[level], data.vertex_pyramid[level],
depth_cutoff, camera_params.level(level));
cuda::compute_normal_map(data.vertex_pyramid[level], data.normal_pyramid[level]);
return data;
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