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You can't access the RSS feed of private Google Groups for Goolge Apps 
outside of your logged in browser session. There's just no way to provide 
your credentials.

This little script makes it possible to get an RSS feed of your latest
threads in a private Google Group. It first tries to login into your 
Google account like a browser would do and then saves all the cookies into
a curl cookie file. With that you can later access the RSS feeds (because
they are there, just hidden).

For the login part I used a class which is provided by playnice by Andy Blyler 
( and adjusted it to login against your 
Google Groups account and not Latitude. The rest was easy.


Put all files in a directory. Rename to, add your
credentials and call it with eg. http://localhost/gr2rss/index.php?group=mygroup.
You can also use it from the CLI, but then you have to replace the $_GET['group']
with something more appropriate.


Make sure you protect that file somehow (with http-auth for example) so that 
not everyone can read your RSS feed and with that the content of your maybe 
private conversation!


(no real itentions to actually do it, but as an inspiration)

* Provide credentials via http-auth
* whitelist groups