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- PHP 5 (with enabled xslt support -> --with-xsl)
- The tidy extension (optional, if you don't want to tidy it, just comment it out in the sitemap)
- A database (only tested with mysql, but should work with others, too)
- MDB2 ( pear install MDB2)
- Cache (pear install Cache), if you want caching
- get it from
- cp inc/ to inc/
- adjust the dsn parameter (and other config options if you want)
- make a "tmp" directory and make it writeable for the webserver
- import the db from div/db/mysql.sql
- import the feeds with the libs/scripts/aggregate.php script
- open the page ;)
- Administration has to be done via phpMyAdmin (or similar), just add your
RSS feeds to the feeds table. The rest should be done automatically.
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