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A mobile web interface for the music-player Rhythmbox.
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This repository is archived (read-only) for various reasons:

  • Not enough time to maintain the code
  • The code is already out-dated
  • No personal usage of the plugin Feel free to fork and use the existing code!

The goal of this project is to create a fully functional mobile web-interface for Rhythmbox. It's implemented as an Rhythmbox plugin written in python. The plugin starts a local webserver on (or localhost), which handles the requests of the browser.


Search interprets

Play track



  • Rhythmbox 2.96+
  • Bottle (python module)
  • Modern Webrowser (HTML5 enabled)

The plugin is currently tested with Rhythmbox 2.96 and 2.97 on Debian testing (wheezy) and Firefox 10+ only.

Due to a bug in current rhythmbox releases (2.96, 2.97) this plugin will currently only work on 64-bit systems.


Simply run the python script without arguments. The script will check the dependencies, create the plugin folder and symlink the plugin into that folder. Additionally it will start rhythmbox without debug output enabled for the plugin.

If you want to install the plugin, run:

python install

This will copy the plugin-files to ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins

The repository also includes an Eclipse-Project (with PyDev Extension) with configured Debug/Run configurations.


What is working

  • Browsing the music-database in a very strict way (Interprets -> Albums -> Tracks)
  • Browsing playlists
  • Adding to queue and play the queue
  • Choose single title to play
  • Play/Pause/Stop
  • Previous/Next (if a playlist was chosen inside Rhythmbox)
  • Adjust Volume
  • Seek

Feature plans

  • Enhanced search functionality (just like in Rhythmbox)
  • Cover-Art
  • Localizations
  • Almost every feature of standard Rhythmbox