Control implementations using the NControl library.


Sample Control implementations using the NControl library. Implementations for iOS/Android/Windows Phone 8/8.1 is included.


Call NControls.Init () in your app startup code.


Some of this controls are just conceptual demos of things that can be accomplished with NControl and Xamarin.Forms. Other controls are complete.


Control that can read svg files using the SvgReader class found in NGraphics. The control handles resizing and redrawing within Xamarin.Forms. Uses embedded resources for svg files. To load an svg file, set the SvgAssemblyType property to a type defined in the assembly where the svg file is embedded, and provide the full resouce path for the embedded svg file to the SvgResource property.

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BlurImageView (conceptual)

Simple but full implementation of a Xamarin.Forms Image that blurs the image.

CalendarView (conceptual)

Simple calendar view.


Popup in Xamarin.Forms with full support for view models, page and content.


Fully implemented floating label from Brad Frost's Floating Label concept.


Implements a content view with round corners and correct clipping on all platforms.


Label with constants for FontAwesome icons


Label with constnats for Material design icons.

GalleryView (conceptual)

Container view with snapping and sliding.


Page control based on the iOS paging control.

RippleButton (conceptual)

Material design based button with ripple effect.

ActionButton (conceptual)

Material design based action button

ToggleActionButton (conceptual)

Material design based action button with toggle support

ExpandableActionButton (conceptual)

Material design based action button with expanding sub buttons.


Fully implemented TabControl.