Generating LaTeX table from R data frame or matrix
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Script that facilitates exporting data from R to LaTeX

LatexPrinting.R - Produces LaTeX tables from R matrices or dataframes with a wide range of formatting options.

Selected features include:
  • Printing column and row headers
  • Adding additional labels for columns and rows
  • Selectively adding separators for columns and rows and/or headers
  • Manual specification of default column format
  • Automatically determining column formatting based on decimal places of contained numeric data (per column or globally)
  • Substitution of empty data cell values
  • Compatibility mode that prevents use of features that require additional LaTeX packages (such as booktabs and sunitx)
  1. Copy file into R working directory.
  2. Execute it (e.g. source("LatexPrinting.R"))
  3. Use printLatexTable() to print R data frame or matrix. See documentation for details and examples.

1.) Simple Example

m <- matrix(rexp(100), 10)

2.) More Complex Example

printLatexTable(mtcars, "mtcarsTable.txt", printColumnHeaders = TRUE, printRowHeaders = TRUE, boldColumnHeaders = TRUE, boldColumnAndRowLabel = TRUE, separateColumnHeadersFromData = TRUE, separateRowHeadersFromData = TRUE, columnLabel = "Attributes", rowLabel = "Car Models", caption = "Car Models with Attributes", label = "tab:cars")