Painless OAuth 2 drop-in classes extracted from Googles GTM-OAuth 2.0
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Simple OAuth 2.0

Currently URL's are set for Google API (Gmail, Google+ etc.) but should work for other OAuth 2.0 services.

  1. Register and app here: (or other OAuth 2.0 service)

  2. For Google API be sure to register the Platform as "Other" and NOT "iOS" otherwise you'll get "invalid_client" error when authenticating.

  3. Insert your Client ID and Client Secret in ViewController.m (and optionally change the authentication-url and token-url if you're not using Google API)

  4. Run the app. The sign method is called in viewDidLoad in ViewController.m

  5. When the user has successfully authenticated your viewController:finishedWithAuth:error: will be called (it's also in ViewController.m), here you can also retrieve the access_token for later authentication.