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Gamalto Editor


An image edtior targeting retrogaming development.

For Developers


You'll need to download and install Node.js to compile this project. Once done, install the Gulp command line interface:

$ npm install -g gulp-cli


Now, yo can download or clone the project repository using the following command:

$ git clone

Go to the newly created GamaltoEditor folder and install the required dependencies using:

$ npm install
$ gulp fonts

You're now ready to run and test the application!

Running the Application

Everything is done using Gulp tasks. To run the application simply type:

$ gulp start

This will transpile all the JavaScript and CSS files and prepare the application for execution. After this command you'll see the main application window and the debugger window.

Building the Application

To build a distributable version of the application you can use:

$ npm run dist:full

This will produce the main executable and the required installer.

You can find more commands in the package.json file.