Can't access livestreamer http server when using an http-proxy and https-proxy #260

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asermax commented Jan 9, 2014

I just tried to use a proxy using both http-proxy and https-proxy since the plugin (the one i'm working on my fork) makes https requests to get streams but then uses http for the stream itself.
The streams fetching and the selected stream opening both seem to work, but when opening the player, it doesn't show anything since it fails to connect to the http server.
I tried using vlc and mpv, and both fail the same way.

Here is the dump when using the --verbose-player for mpv:

kiira@kiira-desktop ~ $ livestreamer low --http-proxy= --https-proxy= --verbose-player
[cli][info] Found matching plugin crunchyroll for URL
[plugin.crunchyroll][info] Trying to login using user and password...
[plugin.crunchyroll][info] Success! Credentials: [...]
[cli][info] Starting player: mpv --vo=xv --cache-default=32768 --cache-min=99
[ffmpeg/http] HTTP error 503 Service Unavailable
Failed to open

Exiting... (No files played)

My idea (not sure, just a hunch :P): the player is receiving the modified enviroment and trying to go to the local server through the proxy (why???)

@chrippa chrippa closed this in de06a1e Jan 9, 2014

javiercantero pushed a commit to javiercantero/livestreamer that referenced this issue Jan 7, 2017

Merge pull request #260 from beardypig/hls-stream-data
Start playing HLS Streams as soon as any data has been download
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