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Hello everyone,

I'm getting an error when attempting to stream a VOD from Dailymotion.

I'm using the command:
livestreamer "hds://http://usp-01.nyc.dmcloud.net/5352ed6106361d2e93286ff1/5480386f06361d6bedbda2de/abs_fa-1417690140.ism/abs_fa.f4m?src_id=1-cdd460d64d3c9a14a753aa366a465dd9&e=1423483023&st=b5cSd5PUWWlHGcteELOv2Q" best

And here is the output I'm getting:
[cli][info] Available streams: 156p (worst), 228p, 336p, 360p (best)

[cli][info] Opening stream: 360p (hds)

[stream.hds][error] Failed to open fragment 1-1: Unable to open URL: http://usp-01.nyc.dmcloud.net/5352ed6106361d2e93286ff1/5480386f06361d6bedbda2de/abs_fa-1417690140.ism/abs_fa-audio%3D69746-video%3D1295000-?src_id=1-cdd460d64d3c9a14a753aa366a465dd9&e=1423483023&st=b5cSd5PUWWlHGcteELOv2QSeg1-Frag1 (403 Client Error: Forbidden)

It then goes through all the fragments telling me I'm getting a 403 Client Error for all of them.

The video I'm using can be found here:

I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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