@chrippa chrippa released this May 30, 2014 · 598 commits to develop since this release

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Bug fixes:

  • Fixed regression in loading config from non-ascii paths on Python 2.


  • azubutv: Update for service changes, patch by @gapato. (#399)
  • dailymotion: Added support for VODs, patch by @gapato. (#402)
  • hitbox: Fixed a issue where the correct streaming server was not used.


  • hls: Handle playlists that redirect. (#405)


The binaries listed here are for Windows only, but Livestreamer works on any OS that Python supports. See Installing for more information.

There is also a more detailed guide for Windows.


If you are unsure how to use Livestreamer, please start with reading through the Tutorial.

About the downloads

  • livestreamer-1.8.2-win32-setup.exe: This is a complete installer which installs rtmpdump, a default configuration file and adds Livestreamer to your PATH (making it possible to use Livestreamer directly from the command prompt without specifying its path). This is the recommended way to install Livestreamer on Windows.
  • livestreamer-1.8.2-win32.zip: If you don't want to use the installer for whatever reason, this zip file only contains a compiled version of Livestreamer and nothing else.
  • Source code The source listed here is a Git snapshot, the proper source dist is available at PyPi.

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