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CLI program that extracts streams from various services and pipes them into a video player of choice.

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Livestreamer is a CLI program that launches streams from various streaming services in a custom video player.

Currently supported sites are:

  • SVTPlay
  • UStream
  • YouTube

Note: plugin requires rtmpdump with jtv token support (recent git).

Livestreamer is compatible with Python version >= 2.6 and >= 3.0.

Installing (Linux, OS X etc)

Make sure you have Python and Python setuptools then run:

$ sudo python install

Installing (Windows)

  1. Install Python
  2. Install Python setuptools
  3. Get rtmpdump and unpack it somewhere ( from should work)
  4. Add these paths to your Path environment variable:

    • [Python path]\
    • [Python path]\scripts\
    • [rtmpdump path]\ (or specify full path with --rtmpdump option)
    • [VLC/mplayer/other path]\ (or specify full path with --player option)
  5. Open a command prompt and change directory to livestreamer source, then run:

    python install

Note: If you want to use VLC be aware there is currently a bug in version 2.0.1 that prevents stdin reading from working. Use 2.0.0 or a nightly build for now.


$ livestreamer --help

Saving arguments AKA config file

Livestreamer can read arguments from the file ~/.livestreamerrc. A example file:


Using livestreamer as a library

Livestreamer is also a library. Short example:

import livestreamer

url = ""
channel = livestreamer.resolve_url(url)
streams = channel.get_streams()

stream = streams["720p"]
fd =

while True:
    data =
    if len(data) == 0:

    # do something with data

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