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a.k.a. "Android Neko"
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Android Nougat Easter Egg (a.k.a. "Android Neko")

I wanted to keep playing this game on Android O, so lifted the source from AOSP, cleaned it up a bit, fixed some things, put it in a Bazel workspace, and published it on Google Play Store.

How to install

  • Get it from the Google Play Store at
  • For Android Nougat (7), Oreo (8), and Pie (9): Download AndroidNougatEasterEgg.apk and sideload it. It's exactly the same as the version published on Play Store.
  • For Android Q (10): Download AndroidNougatEasterEggSdk29.apk and sideload it. It's exactly the same as the version published on Play Store.

How to keep your cats

There is experimental support for teleporting cats from the Android system easter egg app to this one in teleport_cats. It has only been tested on Debian-based Linux distributions but hopefully works on Mac OS X and Cygwin too.

It requires a Java runtime, Android SDK platform tools (really just ADB), and Android Backup Extractor JAR available at

How to build

This project uses Bazel to build. You'll need to get Bazel setup first but then it's really easy to build.

  • Android SDK 29, build tools 29.0.2, and Android Support Library 25.3.1 need to be in your local Android SDK installation.
  • This project is configured to look for your Android SDK installation at /opt/android-sdk but it's easy enough to change that to wherever you like. Just modify the one reference in workspace/WORKSPACE.
  • Go to workspace and run bazel build :AndroidNougatEasterEggDev.

How to hack

You could just edit with your text editor of choice and use Bazel directly from the command line...

...but also it's pretty straightforward to import this Bazel project into Android Studio. Just install the Bazel plugin for Android Studio, use the "Import Bazel Project" option, point to workspace for the workspace, use workspace/.bazelproject, and create a project directory here called AndroidNougatEasterEgg (already in .gitignore) to use.

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