radio reddit for Android
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radio reddit for Android

A simple radio reddit client for Android based in part on the ActionBar
Compatibility example of the Android Open Source Project.

Those files which are from the ActionBar Compatibility example are licensed
with Apache 2.0 and have comments indicating as such. Those files which have
been created specifically for radio reddit for Android are licensed with
GNU GPL version 3 or later at your preference and have comments indicating as

If I knew it was OK, I'd just go ahead and relicense the AOSP files with GNU
GPL so that all files in this project use the same license.

Most image assets are from the Tango Desktop Project and are in the
public domain.

The up/down vote arrows are owned by and the radio
reddit images are owned by

Development Notes
This Android project targets version 15 of the Android SDK.

GSON is used for some parts of the API. It would be cool if we utilize it as
much as possible.

Each API call should have its own class that extends AsyncTask.

The API isn't all the way fleshed out but I feel we have a pretty good
foundation and UI to build something really nice.