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Easy Gitlab installer, targeting Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, on Vagrant or on metal.

Supported Vagrant providers:

  • Virtualbox
  • Parallels
  • LXC

Untested Vagrant providers (worked with 14.04 LTS):

  • VMWare


Copy gitlab.rb.example to gitlab.rb and modify it with your preferences. For complete template, please see

In VM, Gitlab is available at In server install, Gitlab is available at

CI is integrated into Gitlab from version 8.0 onwards.


You can configure the VM running Gitlab by exporting environment variables on host side before issuing vagrant up:

  • GITLAB_CPUS = how many CPUs will be given to the VM (default 2)
  • GITLAB_MEMORY = how much memory (in MB) will be used (default 2048)
  • GITLAB_PORT = which port on the host Gitlab responds to (default 8443)
  • GITLAB_SWAP = if you want a swap file within VM (low memory host), in G (default 0)
  • GITLAB_HOST = set hostname (default is gitlab.local)


 $ export GITLAB_MEMORY=4096
 $ vagrant up


Check tags for releases matching GitLab releases.

From Gitlab version 7.1.1 onwards, it utilizes the omnibus package instead of executing long setup scripts. If you wish to use setup scripts or Puppet/Chef, there are plenty of other choises.

From Gitlab version 7.11.2 onwards, it uses packageserver with apt. Which means there is little reason to change the installer anymore.

From Gitlab version 8.13.2 onwards, default OS is Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial, Ubuntu's next LTS release. Old 14.04 LTS installer (which is compatible with Gitlab still, just Vagrant base boxes differ) is found at ubuntu-14.04 branch.

Gitlab CI integration

Gitlab CI and Gitlab CI Runner scripts were split into separate repository. You can find them at:

From 7.5.1 onwards, CI is also enabled in this repository as it is bundled with Gitlab. To disable CI, comment out ci_external_url line in script.

From 8 onwards, CI is part of Gitlab. You need to comment out following lines in gitlab.rb (if you reuse your old gitlab.rb):

# ci_external_url 'http://gitlabci.local/'
# nginx['redirect_http_to_https'] = false


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