A script and sql to run on bare Codio box to install latest Drupal 8 code with Drush
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NOTE: I am no longer using Codio so not able to maintain this, happy to take merge pull requests, but not able to test.


A simple script and sql to install a chosen version of Drupal code via Drush on a Codio box, along with all the software they require. A Codio startup.sh is also copied into the workspace so that mysql and apache are started each time the Codio box is accessed.

By default the 8.0.x development branch is installed but a different tag or branch can be setup by editing the file drupal_version.txt; by entering a value for tag you can install a specific version, including older varieties of Drupal such as '7.28'.

If installing a tag version the workspace git will have a detached HEAD, when branches are installed a master branch is then created, you should be able to adapt to your own way of working with Git and Drupal.

Really it is just performing all the steps on This blog post with few minor improvements eg:

  • create a master branch for local development
  • copy example.gitignore to .gitignore
  • allow option to override the version tag installed in a .txt file

Aiming to save a few mins, mostly for me but might help others to get started quickly as there are a few minor elements that make developing on a Codio box a little different from a regular server.


Start a new codio project as empty template (NOT the default HTML Boilerplate). Note Codio has made a number of changes recently, this script was last tested on the codio-certified / Codio Base Stack and worked well.

Open a terminal via Tools -> Terminal

Move outside your regular project workspace cd /home/codio

Clone this project git clone https://github.com/chris-hall-hu/drupal8_codio

Move into the new directory and run the script:

cd drupal8_codio

You can either watch all the scrolly bits or you may almost have time to make a quick coffee.

Hopefully when finished you will have all the Drupal files in the file browser on the left (works against your /home/codio/workspace directory where Drupal has been installed). You can also play with the Drupal site by selecting Box URL from the most right hand menu.

NOTE: Codio initialises the workspace directory with an empty git repro, this script remove that and leaves you in the same same state as if you cloned the Drupal branch or tag in an empty directory.


  • Make this a bit smarter, actually check you are on a codio box etc. etc.
  • Add a reset script to write a new install of Drupal over the existing one.
  • Improve messaging
  • Consider other tools that may be useful to install.