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Changes with cassandra-client in 0.9.3:
- Improve serialization and deserialization support for the following types: Number, Date, Boolean.
[Dan Foody]
Changes with cassandra-client 0.9.2:
- Fix a race condition when pooled connections are closed.
Changes with cassandra-client 0.9.1:
- Emit a 'log' event with 'error' level if an error happens when connecting to
Changes with cassandra-client 0.9.0
- Change PooledConnection to retry a query if a TimedOutException is returned.
- Change Connection and PooledConnection 'log' event arguments - now it takes the
following arguments:
- level - log level
- message - string log message which is always present (previously this
argument could be either string or an object)
- obj - optional object which extra message attributes (e.g. connectionInfo,
query, etc.)
Note: This change is backward incompatible - previously 'obj' argument wasn't
passed to the 'log' event
Changes with cassandra-client 0.8.2
- id connections.
- introduce options.max_query to allow separate and configurable query timeouts.
- emit error event on thrift error.
- long query watch logs a trace when any query takes more than 10s.
- pooled connections need to quietly tear down transport connections when being reconnected.
- fix recoverable error logic in PooledConnection.execute.
- Make PooledConnection.execute() re-execution calls explicit (saw some strange inheritance problems when execute()
was overloaded with different parameters).
Changes with cassandra-client 0.8.1
- fix callback problem with CP.shutdown
Changes with cassandra-client 0.8.0
- Put drain back. (
- Allow blob updates (
- Remove logmagic dependency, see for how to capture logging events.
Changes with cassandra-client 0.7.1
- Swap out generic-pool with homegrown solution (issue 15).
- Add more cassandra types to the decoder [Christoph Tavan]
Changes with cassandra-client 0.6.2:
- Fix scope leaks.
- Replace uuid-js with node-uuid library and add a new UUID type.
[Christoph Tavan]
Changes with cassandra-client 0.6.1:
- Attach 'connectionInfo' object to the error object which is passed to the
Changes with cassandra-client 0.6.0:
- Set a timeout for login, learn and use steps. Defaults to 1000ms, 2000ms and
1000ms respectively.
- Set a timeout for connecting to the cassandra server. Default timeout
is 4000 ms, but a user can specify custom one by passing 'timeout'
option to the PooledConnection / Connection constructor.
- Use a different route for logging CQL queries
- Add 'log_time' option and log query execution time if this option is true.
Timing is logged to 'node-cassandra-client.driver.timing' route.