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Julie Gunderson on Twitter: "The clicker that just keeps giving! @ChrisShort you are @DeliveryConf in spirit! “This one’s for you Chris” @patrickdebois #DeliveryConf" / Twitter

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 - IEEE Spectrum

distri: 20x faster initramfs (initrd) from scratch

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Sean Johnson on Twitter: "The best career tip: Start writing. Publicly. No one will notice at first. Which is good. You’ll build the habit. You’ll find your voice. You’ll build a platform slowly, brick by brick. Over 5-10 years, you’ll build an asset very few have. The opportunities will shock you." / Twitter

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Linux Container Fedora CoreOS Released For Public Use: Download Now!

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shawn.webb/dnspinning-for-human-rights: Various DNS server config files for pissing off racists, neo-nazis, and other human rights-violating actors. - dnspinning-for-human-rights - HardenedBSD git master

Argo CD v1.4 Released! - Argo Project