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Facebook Made Playbook To Respond To Polarization Accusations

Cloudburst: Hard lessons learned from the OVH datacenter blaze | VentureBeat

glossary/definitions at main · cncf/glossary

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What’s New in the Ansible Content Collection for Kubernetes - 1.2

First Browser-Based Side-Channel attack against Apple's M1 chips works even with Javascript disabled; more so than other architectures

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Toward a More Coercive Cyber Strategy | Center for Strategic and International Studies

Named Key Opinion Leader, Kubernetes Influencer, and (accidentally) Red Hat CEO by Onalytica -

Tech’s Legal Shield Appears Likely to Survive as Congress Focuses on Details - The New York Times

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You Don’t Need to Buy Antivirus Software | Wirecutter

Goodbye minikube

Btrfs Will Finally "Strongly Discourage" You When Creating RAID5 / RAID6 Arrays - Phoronix

Compliance as Code - CloudSecDocs - Linux Networking - eBPF, XDP, DPDK, VPP - What does all that mean?


President Biden Encourages People To Wear A Mask - YouTube

Research: Becoming a Manager Doesn’t Always Feel Like a Step Up

Scaling Celery workers with RabbitMQ on Kubernetes

GitGuardian data reveals 20% rise in 'secrets' hidden in public GitHub repos | VentureBeat

Intel CPU interconnects can be exploited by malware to leak encryption keys and other info, academic study finds • The Register

Exclusive: Myanmar's first satellite held by Japan on space station after coup | Reuters

Google Online Security Blog: Introducing sigstore: Easy Code Signing & Verification for Supply Chain Integrity

Facebook Pulls “Culture Fit” Card on Black Applicant With Ph.D.

Told your organisation is leaking data? Here’s how not to respond • Graham Cluley

Linting Rego with... Rego!

Creating an SSH honeypot []

He got Facebook hooked on AI. Now he can't fix its misinformation addiction | MIT Technology Review

Cybersecurity Firm Snyk Reaches $4.7 Billion Valuation in Round - Bloomberg

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Breaking down and fixing Kubernetes | by Andrei Kvapil | Feb, 2021 | ITNEXT