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+++ author = "Chris Short" categories = ["Notes"] date = 2019-07-28T07:00:00Z description = "Notes from DevOps'ish 138" draft = false url = "138/notes" title = "Notes from DevOps'ish 138" +++

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Want to hire the best programmers? Offer growth. - Triplebyte Blog

Mozilla debuts implementation of WebThings Gateway open source router firmware | VentureBeat

When a rewrite isn't: rebuilding Slack on the desktop

History and effective use of Vim

To Rook, or not to Rook, that's Kubernetes - Flant - Medium

He Built A $1 Billion Business Where All 700 Employees Work Remotely

Call for Fedora Women's Day 2019 proposals – Fedora Community Blog

3 types of metric dashboards for DevOps teams |

Ford Writes Down $181 Million in Software Company Stock Value Following Class Action Lawsuits [Corrected]

Thoughts on Restructuring the Ansible Project

curl goez parallel |

openshift/ocs-operator: Operator for RHOCS

xkcd: NWS Warnings

Knative's first year: Where it's at and what's next in serverless

How to Build an Enterprise Kubernetes Strategy | Linux Journal

3 Reasons Why You Should Work Directly in the Cloud

Kubernetes Operators with Ansible Deep Dive: Part 1

How to transition into a career as a DevOps engineer |

Ignite - container workload in real virtual machines

Announcing Yaegi - containous

Fedora CoreOS - Getting Started :: Fedora Docs Site

FairwindsOps/polaris: Validation of best practices in your Kubernetes clusters

estafette/estafette-gke-preemptible-killer: Kubernetes controller that ensures deletion of preemptible nodes in a GKE cluster is spread out to avoid the risk of all getting deleted at the same time after 24 hours

Amazon hires lobbyist with Trump ties amid contentious Pentagon cloud contest – GeekWire

Facebook Knows More About You Than the CIA | WIRED

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