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PropCR provides a device implementation of the Crow serial protocol, which allows a computer (a host) to send commands to a Propeller (a device). Commands are sent to an address (1-31, or 0 for broadcast) and a port (0-255). A service at the given address and port then performs the command and sends a response if expected.

These files -- PropCR.spin and PropCR-BD.spin -- are intended to serve as a base for implementing a custom Crow service. By default they don't do anything except respond to standard Crow admin commands on port 0: ping, echo, hostPresence, getDeviceInfo, getOpenPorts, and getPortInfo.

PropCR-BD features break detection. When a break condition is detected the code at BreakHandler will execute. Otherwise PropCR.spin and PropCR-BD.spin are identical.

The Crow protocol allows for multiple devices, so multiple instances of PropCR may be launched into separate cogs and share the same rx and tx lines, as long as each is given a unique address.

PropCR requires non-standard byte ordering for command payloads. Specifically, every four-byte group must be reversed, including any remainder bytes. Response payloads follow the standard byte ordering.

The PyCrow project ("crow-serial" on has a host implementation that can be used to communicate with a PropCR instance. Use the Host.set_propcr_order method to select PropCR byte ordering for a given serial port and address.

host implementation:

Crow homepage:


Device implementation of the Crow serial protocol for the Parallax Propeller P8X32A.



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