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Home Assistant integration for BP Chargemaster Homecharge units

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BP Homecharge integration for Home Assistant

This is an early attempt at a simple Home Assistant integration for BP Chargemaster Homecharge units using the ChargeVision platform.

It is based on earlier work towards an unofficial API client by James Muscat.



Add the repository: Open your Home Assistant instance and open a repository inside the Home Assistant Community Store.


Copy custom_components/homecharge into your custom_components directory in your Home Assistant config dir.


Add the following to configuration.yaml:

    username: "email"
    password: "password"

If you restart Home Assistant it should log in and retrieve details, which appear under the generic sensors areas prefixed with Homecharge. These can be moved into an area within the UI if required.


  • View the car charging status directly in Home Assistant
  • Toggle schedule override

You could set one short schedule to get the charger into "smart" mode and use the override toggle to control charging the car directly from HA - eg. start charging when electricity is cheapest or greenest.