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commit abd6d52c724a97bf183ed41d3efa5408087d5856 1 parent 28606ff
@chris-y authored
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4 CMakeLists.txt
@@ -66,9 +66,9 @@ SET(INSTALL_LIB lib CACHE PATH "Where to install libraries to.")
SET(INSTALL_INC include CACHE PATH "Where to install headers to.")
# Build options
-OPTION (BUILD_SHARED_LIBS "Build Shared Library (OFF for Static)" OFF)
+OPTION (BUILD_SHARED_LIBS "Build Shared Library (OFF for Static)" ON)
OPTION (THREADSAFE "Build libgit2 as threadsafe" OFF)
-OPTION (BUILD_CLAR "Build Tests using the Clar suite" OFF)
+OPTION (BUILD_CLAR "Build Tests using the Clar suite" ON)
OPTION (BUILD_EXAMPLES "Build library usage example apps" OFF)
OPTION (TAGS "Generate tags" OFF)
OPTION (PROFILE "Generate profiling information" OFF)
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