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Fork of jQuery Tablesorter plugin for my additions and fixes
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jQuery Tablesorter

This is a fork of Christian Bach’s jQuery tablesorter plugin.

I’ve made some modifications and “fixes”…


Add implementation of the appendSort option

The existing sortForce option’s documentation is not correct in that it claims it adds it as a secondary sort, but in reality it appends it, so that that column is always sorted on first. That doesn’t seem intuitive, and isn’t what I needed. The appendSort behavior, as detailed here is what I needed.

The standard tablesorter 2.0.3 had part of this patch in it, but not the actual implementation of appendSort.

Determination of sort order when clicking columns

One of the behaviors I wanted to “fix”/change, was how the sort order was always just flipped the other direction when changing the sort, regardless of whether the user clicked the same column or a different column. Thus, I changed it so that when the user clicks on a different column, the sort direction is set to the sortInitialOrder. The sort order is still reversed when clicking on the same column that is already being sorted on.

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