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frozenPlus v1.0.0.0

Samsung SPH-D700 (Epic 4G) EC05 kernel by chris41g

Feature list:
ACSUpdater, Quickboot,Kernel Manager, ROM Manager Compatible
Rooted kernel, su binary, Superuser.apk, busybox are included in /sbin.
Flash tools (redbend_ua and bmlwrite) are included in /sbin
Dual-Boot Capable (Roderiks sdcard DB method)
Custom bootlogo.
CWM Included
Uses NOOP as the default I/O scheduler.
Uses the Transitional Governer by default.
Includes support.
Includes init.d support.
Includes RFS support.
Includes EXT4 support.
Includes CIFS support.
Includes TUN support.
Includes Netfilter TCPMSS support.
Includes the Android logger as a (loaded) module.
Hardware keyboard dropped key press fix w/ 7/9/11 efficiency patch (mkasick)
OC/UV Capable, Available Freqs 1400,1300,1200,1120,1000,900,800,600,400,200,100
Avail Governors Conservative, Interactive, InteractiveX, OnDemand, Performance, Powersave, Smartass, Transitional, Userspace


forked from nubernel-EC05-v0.0.0 dev branch
his original chagelog below


Changes to for inclusion of
Changes to

Branched to 'feature-misc'.
Reverting "Bluetooth: Make hci_send_sco() void" (commit ID: 7e2b3ff).
Quiet warning in /scripts/kconfig/conf.c.
Adjusting Makefile for toolchain (why not).
Makefile fix for non-gnueabi toolchains (nullghost:
Changes to for inclusion of
Added (for when Wifi isn't an option).
Changes to
Changes to (most modules are working again).
Changing toolchains (Sourcery G++ Lite 2011.03-41 for ARM GNU/Linux:
Adjusting scripts for toolchain relocation.
Removing toolchain from repo.

Changes to to exclude bthid.ko (was causing SW KB crashes when included).

Change evaluation to logical in suspend.c and earlysuspend.c.
Added code for more governor checks (for testing DVFS locks).
A bit of cleanup in cpu-freq.c.
The transitional governor is the default.
Fixing up the transitional governor's DVFS lock related code.
Changes to defconfig and for working modules.
Miscellaneous changes to defconfig.
Branched to 'feature-misc'.
Minor changes to interactiveX governor (whitespace, debugging fixup, etc).
Changes to defconfig for conservative and transitional governors.
Removed more CPU_S5PV210 specific code from conservative governor.
Added transitional governor. This is Samsung's conservative governor for victory, renamed to transitional because it uses transition states for scaling.
Allow conservative governor to scale "normally" (removed CPU_S5PV210 specific scaling).
Moving conservative governor out of victory folder.
Fixing up display name of InteractiveX in default governor selection.

Added some debugging to interactiveX governor.
Added some error checking to interactiveX governor.
Fixing a typo in interactiveX governor.
Removing threshold related code from interactiveX governor (I don't see how this is needed).

Backport lowmemory killer from 2.6.35 samsung.git (RandyT:
Updated BFQ-v2 to BFQ-v2-r1 (Paolo Valente via netarchy:
Updated BFQ to v2 (thalamus via netarchy:
Branched to 'feature-patches'.

Changes to interactiveX governor for compatibility with Epic 4G.
Changes to defconfig for interactiveX governor.
Added interactiveX governor. This is a the interactive governor modified for suspend/wake by imoseyon. (imoseyon via dalingrin:
Branched to 'feature-governors'.
More changes to for (aparently) broken modules, maybe I'm stripping too much, will figure this out later.
Branched to 'feature-misc'.
Changes to to exclude dpram.ko (was causing "no service" when included).
Raising internal voltages (DVSINT1) to 1125 for OC stability at 1.4GHz.

Reverting "binder: Move debugging information from procfs to debugfs" (commit ID: 913e4e4).
Changes to defconfig for BFQ scheduler.
Added BFQ scheduler (Paolo Valente via Bonsai:
Add defines to bcm4329 Makefile (RandyT:
Backport bcm4329 wifi driver from 2.6.35 (RandyT:
Reverting "ARM: SAMSUNG: Fix build warnings because of unused codes" (commit ID: bace7f7).
ARM: 6891/1: prevent heap corruption in OABI semtimedop (Dan Rosenberg:;a=commit;h=0f22072ab50cac7983f9660d33974b45184da4f9).
ASOC: delay after turning on codec (sh21.won:;a=commit;h=44aec062d82fe3ca2ab8bdf1ee0c5bbd8a85e4b2).
S5PC11X: USB: Remove unnecessary code for USB Tethering (sb223.kang:;a=commit;h=cffd6dc859595618113470a1cf2dbb574813f10e).
ARM: S5PC11X: reduce waiting time of CDMA modem power-off (Thomas Ryu:;a=commit;h=fba9fb35d8b6cc8789ab020983457988c04d2593).
net: wireless: bcm4329: Disable wake irq at driver stop (Dmitry Shmidt:;a=commit;h=6ce9cbeef4cb7074beffbd5652b0943c8aec1246).

ASOC: update CDMA specific clock settings (Thomas Ryu via Bonsai:
staging: binder: Fix use of uninitialized variable (Nick Kralevich:;a=commit;h=4ef78fa8848b4a6fc60268431492d1502454fb5e).
ARM: herring: Increase delay to 200 ms in wlan power on (Dmitry Shmidt:;a=commit;h=9e3aca5aed77290075be4ce59ff1a0feabfa2ab3).
shmem: reduce pagefault lock contention (Shaohua Li:;a=commit;h=ff36b801624d02a876bb7deded6ab860ea3503f2).
android-common: include linux/slab.h (Arve Hjønnevåg:;a=commit;h=eaa7ea1e2bbe79f6af8bb282288ea33ec3149535).
android-common: Fix slab.h includes for 2.6.34-rc4 (Colin Cross:;a=commit;h=0981b8f4d278b6d1dcf2dee7185e79c4f1e427d5).
binder: Move debugging information from procfs to debugfs (Arve Hjønnevåg:;a=commit;h=194b82978b022c0b789fcabf7acad49622c7d126).
binder: Use seq_file for debug interface (Arve Hjønnevåg:;a=commit;h=0d03f6594a5b06d1ff4c307a294e5ec079c0167d).
Bluetooth: Update sec_level/auth_type for already existing connections (Ville Tervo:;a=commit;h=045309820afe047920a50de25634dab46a1e851d).
ARM: SAMSUNGy: fix broken timer irq base (Marek Szyprowski:;a=commit;h=1131379b48228afb32fa626fb27586a02246acf9).
Bluetooth: Make hci_send_sco() void (Gustavo F. Padovan:;a=commit;h=0d861d8b8edd139a9b291cb262d08dec8dc3922d).
Bluetooth: Fix ACL MTU issue (Gustavo F. Padovan:;a=commit;h=d1daa091e8612f3aab14d28b5836375fafe155e1).
Update plat-samsung clock code to mainline kernel (RandyT:
Quiet warning in samsung_mipi driver config (RandyT:
Clean up compile warnings (RandyT:
Quiet compiler warnings (RandyT:
Fix a couple of compile errors and debug message formating (RandyT:
Quiet compile warning (RandyT:
Fixing a Samsung typo in arch/arm/Kconfig.
Fix tty low latency causing an interrupt during a spinlock (gzub via Bonsai:
ARM: SAMSUNG: Add a workaround for get_clock() for serial driver (Marek Szyprowski:;a=commit;h=7cf4b482f06df0b590a9bc1561a5a81d67e0fe4c).
ARM: S5P: Bug fix on errors of build with CONFIG_PREEMPT_NONE (SeungChull Suh:;a=commit;h=4341f9b38fe33aab51439ae59593e149a6f61d9f).
ARM: SAMSUNG: Fix build warnings because of unused codes (Kukjin Kim:;a=commit;h=1a95036465e6abdcb639f0d7bb1ec612663caf5b).

ARM: 5939/1: ARM: Add option CMDLINE_FORCE to force usage of the in-kernel cmdline (Alexander Holler:;a=commit;h=92d2040d78f662f634efce7a5106bbed70b8708b).
[HZ] if S5P_HIGH_RES_TIMER options is enable, use 256 HZ (Choi Jong-hwan:;a=commit;h=6eced90427618b7f62f076d1407fa95633f7d43f).
ASoC: Allow reporting of NULL jacks (Mark Brown:;a=commit;h=3a278a0c65c924950c4744ba451a110998998044).
ASoC: Add a notifier for jack status changes (Mark Brown:;a=commit;h=d5021ec9fc32edc6f512c2375923d757e9825f6a).
ASoC: Move dereference after NULL test (Julia Lawall:;a=commit;h=4f066173fe8deb8874f41917e5d26ea2e0c46e3b).
ASoC: Add jack_status_check callback function for GPIO jacks (Joonyoung Shim:;a=commit;h=c871a05315d1a76034ea06feeda92081e1d608bf).
ARM: 6318/1: ftrace: fix and update dynamic ftrace (Rabin Vincent:;a=commit;h=3b6c223b1b97ad60bbb0f4efda57d649414ac2a2).
ARM: 6314/1: ftrace: allow build without frame pointers on ARM (Rabin Vincent:;a=commit;h=09bfafac3e237415cc4b6adde49f9f28b3a42659).
ARM: 6316/1: ftrace: add Thumb-2 support (Rabin Vincent:;a=commit;h=a3ba87a614992500cf2c47e6f788e74a971ce91f).
ARM: 6315/1: ftrace: add ENDPROC annotations (Rabin Vincent:;a=commit;h=72fa62fa5dff0e2e06491dd99c429adb137f299b).
ARM: 6653/1: bitops: Use BX instead of MOV PC,LR (Dave Martin:;a=commit;h=3ba6e69ad887f8a814267ed36fd4bfbddf8855a9).
ARM: avoid marking decompressor .stack section as having contents (Russell King:;a=commit;h=b0c4d4ee4e4f13fa3f017c00319a18c1ea31b7d7).
ARM: improve compiler's ability to optimize page tables (Russell King:;a=commit;h=c0ba10b512eb2e2a3888b6e6cc0e089f5e7a191b).
ARM: 6490/1: MM: bugfix: initialize spinlock for init_mm.context (MyungJoo Ham:;a=commit;h=28c22d7dc99486ef4186dde41d5260e75b3076f7).
ARM: Fix csum_partial_copy_from_user() (Russell King:;a=commit;h=4609a179c97ae60fef173547a9bbb214359808ce).
ARM: 6519/1: kuser: Fix incorrect cmpxchg syscall in kuser helpers (Dave Martin:;a=commit;h=55afd264cdd5d5848753e90884ed596e11bce0ff).
ARM: 6468/1: backtrace: fix calculation of thread stack base (Will Deacon:;a=commit;h=d33aadbf8e9ba0b844c2a4a03723969c913ab03a).

ARM: S5PV210: Fix sysdev related warning messages (gzub via Bonsai:
The new jhash implementation (Jozsef Kadlecsik:;a=commit;h=60d509c823cca21e77d537bd356785f7cfe8f0d1).
ipv6: Prepare the tree for un-inlined jhash (Jozsef Kadlecsik:;a=commit;h=82a39eb6b3829a02e235656feddb4542517fcabc).

ARM: only allow 26-bit user mode on CPUs that support it (Dima Zavin:;a=commit;h=049a7464f34e2d8c73646d2571f1935f19ac694c).
USB: android gadget: mass storage: Fix format issue for Vista Host (Velempati Chiranjeevi:;a=commit;h=fd515513a38b53d2b961cbbc9c4fdaeedec74d44).
USB: gadget: f_mass_storage: Defer handling interface changes until it is safe. (Mike Lockwood:;a=commit;h=0fc7f96b5be344f7a5499e29b30f245fb857f4a2).

USB: gadget: android: mass_storage: Use spin_lock_irqsave/spin_unlock_irqrestore (Arve Hjønnevåg:;a=commit;h=3274abc33ec2c170acd6fd2732c271ad9dd0b17f).

USB: gadget: f_mass_storage: Flush writes after every 4 MB. (Mike Lockwood:;a=commitdiff;h=5cf1b82507ed24e0ee9f4f2f3ce6dbcb82b86fa0).

Applied necessary defconfig changes for new keyboard patch.
Applied new Column delay sysfs keyboard patch (mkasick:

Fixing a copy / paste fail.
Forcibly setting safe booting frequencies.
Added more credits to init_wrapper (as Ali G would say "Respect").
Setting permissions for (Rodderik:
Changes to init_wrapper related to bash as default shell.
Added dual boot (boot from sdcard) support (Rodderik:

Some more debugging cleanup in smartass governor (GOV: tag).

Added Froyo RDNIS patch (mkasick via Rodderik:
Enabled sched_autogroup in defconfig.
Added sched_autogroup v4 patch (Mike Galbraith via Rodderik:
Branched to 'feature-patches'.

Removed original 1.6GHz overclock comments (too messy).
Cleaning up some comments of the original 1.6GHz overclock.
Ensure FM is disabled for Voodoo sound in defconfig.
Whitespace change to sync with supercurio.
Correcting support for Voodoo sound in sound/soc/codecs/Makefile.
Voodoo sound: driver v10 (supercurio:
Added to scripts folder (copy modules to initramfs/lib/modules/).
Added to scripts folder (wifi adb /proc/kmsg logging).
Branched to 'feature-misc'.
Fixing up these voltages (was a major contributor to Sleep Of Death).
Fixing some typos and doing some cleanup.
Fixing some missing checks/code for overclocking via defconfig.
Branched to 'feature-dvfs'.
Fixing a bug in the s5pc11x_nearest_avail_index function.

Manual revert of a debug change in suspend.c.
Reverting changes to earlysuspend and suspend (fixed DVFS lock).
Reverting changes to conservative governor (commit ID: 1bb5e487).

Reverting changes to interactive governor (commit ID: 5b3153ab).
Reverting changes to ondemand governor (commit ID's: bc8e028c, b153d55c).
Manual removal of older changes to smartass governor (transition states, s5pc11x_nearest_freq, etc).
Removed s5pc11x_nearest_freq function and added s5pc11x_nearest_avail_index function (global governor fix).

Additional debugging.

Lowering the fixed DVFS lock in earlysuspend and suspend to 600MHz.

More debugging fixes and clean up.
Allow earlysuspend and suspend to set a fixed DVFS lock to 800MHz for the rest of the governors (not just conservative).
Added an easy on / off switch related to previous load checking in smartass governor.
Squashing a bug in smartass governor, we should always scale up if cpu load is above threshold, even if force_ramp_up isn't set.
Added some debugging to s5pc11x_nearest_freq, changed some debugging in s5pc11x_target_frq.
Changes to s5pc11x_nearest_freq function for better handling of freqs.
Some aditions and cleanup for debugging DVFS (DFVS lock @ 800MHz during suspend, etc).
Initial testing of s5pc11x_nearest_freq function in smartass governor.
Applied changes for smartass governor to defconfig (matching default scaling rates, up min of 900MHz, and disable debugging).
Changes to default scaling rates of smartass governor (matching Conservative and Ondemand's sample rate).

Added initial s5pc11x_nearest_freq function for testing.
Fixing a debugging placement fail in smartass governor.
Branched to 'feature-governors'.
Changes to init_wrapper (more agressive su instalation).
Branched to 'feature-initramfs'.

Major changes to
Changes to "cpu_thres_table" sysfs entry, this can be handled via script.

Fixing a copy / paste fail.
Fixing /sdcard mounts for DRockstar's Clockwork Mod recovery.
Added bash shell support in init_wrapper.
Fixing some syntax in init_wrapper.
Minor changes to init_wrapper.
Added keytimer script and support (Drockstar via Rodderik:
Added malware prevention patch (DroidDream) (Drockstar:
Changes to init_wrapper (with proper tracking) (Drockstar:
Changes to init_wrapper (with proper tracking) (Tanimn:
Changes to init_wrapper in preparation of proper tracking.
Added initial version of

Fixing a typo.
Fixing fix_permissions' Sha-Bang for cm-recovery.

Added DRockstar's Clockwork Mod recovery binary, added Superuser.apk, and other changes to initramfs.
Cleaning up whitespace a bit.
Added Clockwork Mod recovery images (purple by Drockstar:
Updating Clockwork Mod recovery binary to (Drockstar:
Updating to Drockstar's Clockwork Mod Using smaller recovery busybox 1.16.2 (DRockstar:
Added initial support for Clockwork Mod reboot recovery & ROM Manager support (DRockstar:

Changes to "cpu_thres_table" sysfs entry for safety and usability (min value of 20, max value of 95, corrected the error checking).
Versioning related changes to and other files.
Removed bash from update zip (should not be forced with kernel).
Added audible notification to (notify.wav).
Changes to (use nice to run make, always use defconfig, added total time).
A bit of script cleanup related to
Added 82-nubernel_battery_mods script (init.d script to set some battery values).
Added 81-rm_batterrystats script (init.d script to remove /data/system/batterystats.bin on boot).
More changes to cpufreq_info script (added governor specific info).
Enabled overclock in defconfig.
Compilation of changes to CPU frequencies, voltages, sysfs under-volting, etc. (existz, raspdeep, Rodderik, gzub, RandyT, nemesis2all, and myself).

Fixing a possible out of bounds related to "active_states" (ssewk2x via nemesis2all:

Fixing up transitions states in /arch/arm/mach-s5pv210/victory/cpu-freq.c.
Enabling 1120MHz and 1200MHz states by default.
Formatting changes for uniformity.
New CPU frequencies and sysfs undervolting support (multiple via Rodderik:

Branched to 'feature-clock_rates'.
Added a bit more debugging to smartass governor.

Added extra debugging to smartass governor.
Changed smartass governor config settings to work better with the new fixes.
Squashing the up_min_freq bug in smartass governor.

Allowing smartass governor the ability scale more than a single step (limited to 2).
Forcing smartass governor to use transition states when scaling.

More changes to /drivers/cpufreq/Kconfig for smartass governor.
More changes to smartass governor.  Make debug more readable, and fix module info.
Changes to defconfig for smartass governor Kconfig option.
Added DEFAULT_DEBUG_MASK and Kconfig option for smartass governor.

Fixing up the debugging a bit in smartass governor.
Added some error checking to interactive and smartass governors.
Tweaked smartass governor config settings a bit.
Adjusted defconfig for new smartass config settings.
SPH-D700 specific changes to /drivers/cpufreq/Kconfig for smartass governor.
Fixed sysfs interface and added Kconfig options in smartass governor (Ziggy471 via jdkoreclipse:

Changes to DEFAULT_AWAKE_MIN_FREQ in smartass governor.
Selective changes to smartass governor (Bonsai:
Added "EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(nr_running);" to kernel/sched.c as required by smartass governor (Rodderik:
Added (partial) fix for lock screen flickering when using smartass governor (erasmux:
Selective changes to smartass governor (erasmux:

Major tweaking and bug squasing to the smartass governor (erasmux:
Logic rewrite / cleanup of smartass governor (erasmux:
Convert tabs to spaces in smartass governor (erasmux:
Add awake_min_freq to smartass governor (erasmux:
Add wakeup from sleep configurable parameter to smartass governor (erasmux:
Changes to smartass governor (erasmux:
Added smartass governor (erasmux:

Changes to Interactive governor so it respects the minimum scaling frequency.

Fix interactive governor potential division by zero (CyanogenMod:
Added interactive governor (Mike Chan via CyanogenMod:
Branched to 'feature-governors'.

Changes to cpufreq_info script.
Reworked the fix a bit, I find this a bit more elegant.
Changes to Ondemand governor so it respects the minimum scaling frequency.
Branched to 'feature-ondemand_governor_fix'.

Addition of cpufreq_info script.
Voodoo sound: driver v9 (supercurio:
Quiet the "CONFIG_TINY_RCU not defined" warning.
Changes to "s5pc11x_target_frq" so it respects the minimum scaling frequency.

Branched to 'feature-conservative_governor_fix'.

Stupid typo...

Added new bash binary.
Changes to recovery install script for new bash.
Changes to subash for new bash.
Rename bash_profile in preparation for new custom built bash-4.1.11(2).
Changes to bash_profile.

Added bash kit to install zip (bash as default shell, subash script for easy su access, profile installed onto /sdcard).

These are apparently not needed.
Changes to scripts/ (new phone gets a new IP from my router).

Corrected link to morfic's Samsung logo creation files.
Fixed up the and kernelFlash scripts a bit.
Fixing up the path change for wifiFlashHelper.
Moved to scripts folder.
Some fixes to
Branched to 'feature-scripting'.

Enabled batt_charge_mods in defconfig.
Added battery charge control, battery charge rate, and battery fuel gauge sysfs entries.
Added nubernel sysfs parent kset.
Branched to 'feature-batt_charge_mods'.
Modified BOOTCLASSPATH for CM/AOSP support (tanimn:
Branched to 'feature-initramfs'.

Changes to Kernel/.gitignore.
Enabled Voodoo sound in defconfig.
Voodoo sound: driver v8 (supercurio:
Voodoo sound: driver v7 (supercurio:
Voodoo sound: driver v6 (supercurio:
Voodoo sound: driver v5 (supercurio:
Branched to 'feature-Voodoo_Sound'.

Added SECCOMP support (Nicolas Pitre:;a=commit;h=70c70d97809c3cdb8ff04f38ee3718c5385a2a4d).
Added "Tiny RCU", The Bloatwatch Edition (Paul E. McKenney:;a=commit;h=9b1d82fa1611706fa7ee1505f290160a18caf95d).
Fix Thumb-2 kernel builds when UACCESS_WITH_MEMCPY is enabled (Catalin Marinas:;a=commit;h=e814d826dc1821dbce3aa1ddb7f2f739f420ffd8).
Prevent multiple syscall restarts (Russell King:;a=commit;h=b2b163bb82b12bae2504a5b31399c37d099ad3cc).
Fix really nasty sigreturn bug (Al Viro:;a=commit;h=653d48b22166db2d8b1515ebe6f9f0f7c95dfc86).
Fix build error in arch/arm/kernel/process.c (Russell King:;a=commit;h=4260415f6a3b92c5c986398d96c314df37a4ccbf).
Fix memory allocation size for max8998->rdev (Axel Lin:;a=commit;h=11fa0d1d20c7cc432c77369bc8bbfbc21030e457).
Fix memory leak in cpufreq_add_dev (Xiaotian Feng:;a=commit;h=cad70a6ae5aaef4641a3efdfd536c30f13891afe).
Prevent memory leak in cpufreq_stats on hotplug (Colin Cross:;a=commit;h=fa51e1a77ebb12ca61510370e78e679a314e3dda).
Fix ASHMEM_SET_PROT_MASK (Arve Hjønnevåg:;a=commit;h=c98a285075f26e2b17a5baa2cb3eb6356a75597e).
Applied lowmemorykiller patch: Don't wait more than one second for a process to die (Arve Hjønnevåg:;a=commit;h=d72d17229a7b9271560ea053b9e8e8f864658893).
Applied patch series for Ext4 (tytso via Bonsai:
Applied lowmemorykiller patch: don't unregister notifier from atomic context (Rabin Vincent:;a=commit;h=5545554aac04918ece318270d63cbfcb015577a9).
Fix compile error for idle timer (tanimn:
Added idle timer from 2.6.34 (nullghost via tanimn:

Loglevel set in defconfig for modular logging (gzub:
Compile host OS tools with 03 (gzub:
Optimized config flags (gzub:
Applied keyboard delay sysfs patch (mkasick via Rodderik:
Set 4k read ahead in mtd_blkdevs.c (Rodderik:
Changed swappiness from 60 to 10 (Rodderik:
Commented out "BUG_ON(!gps_dev)" in mach-aries-gps.c (Dameon87 via nullghost:
Expose sysfs file for scaling_available_frequencies (nullghost:
Change freq tables to help conform to standards (nullghost:
Fix tv20 compile error (nullghost:
Branched to 'feature-misc_patches'.

Feature list for v0.0.0.
Branched to 'release-v0.0.0'.

Changes to README.
Use NOOP I/O scheduler by default.

Script cleanup (fixing automatic versioning).

Add helper script for kernel flashing.
More script cleanup.
Branched to 'feature-envSetup'.
More recovery cleanup.
Changes to .gitignore.
Select changes to initramfs (Bonsai:
Branched to 'feature-recovery_cleanup'.

Attempting to fix getprop command for recovery.
Fixing permissions on adbd.

File rename cleanup.
Some file renaming.
Added new boot logo (thanks anomaly:
Fixing up (makelogo needs to be re-built when changing the boot_logo_gimp.h file).

More cleanup and changes to Samsung logo creation files.
More initramfs changes.

Changes to
Some additions to .gitignore.
Cleanup and changes to Samsung logo creation files.
Added morfic's Samsung logo creation files (morfic:
Added custom boot logo.
Enabled s3cfb_draw_logo function (Rodderik:
Branched to 'feature-boot_logo'.
Adding the toolchain to the repo.
Added adbd that looks for sh in /sbin/sh (for real this time, thanks Randy @ Bonsai).
Branched to 'feature-envSetup'.

Changes to
Some script fixups.
Renamed to
Changes to

Added branch4release helper script.
Some script cleanup.
Version re-branding.

Some changes to
Create bml devices so reboot recovery is fully operational (tanimn:
Trying to get adb to work all the time (tanimn:
More select changes to initramfs (Bonsai:

Restore redbend_ua to initramfs for the time being.
Added verbose option to
Add (heavilly based off nullghost's modified[]
More script cleanup.

Add bmlwrite in place of redbend_ua in initramfs.
More script cleanup and changes.
Added /update/zImage to .gitignore.
Spoofing newest Nexus S release keys (from:
Changed build script to auto detect number of cpu cores (nullghost:
Switch to bmlwrite in the (nullghost: related changes.
Change cross_compile and add ability to generate (nullghost:

Some changes to nullghost's build script.
Added nullghost's (nullghost:
Fixing up README.
A bit more file cleanup (nullghost:
Select changes to initramfs (Bonsai:
Minor changes to default.prop.
Add adbd that looks for sh in /sbin/sh (koush:
More changes to initramfs for recovery (koush:
Changes to initramfs for recovery (koush:
A bit of initramfs script clean up.

Changes to initramfs for recovery (koush:
More clean up and modifications to
Exclude .git and .svn from (Bonsai:
Add toolchains folder to .gitignore.
Disabled iqmsd service in initramfs.
Added boot animation support to initramfs.
Added init.d support to initramfs.
Added ext4 support to initramfs.
Added nubernel_kernel_defconfig.
Some modifications to
Clean up
Added *.out to Kernel/.gitignore.
Added Kernel/.gitignore file (gzub:
Add toolchains folder to .gitignore.
Added .gitignore file (gzub:
Configured toolchain in
Some file clean up (make distclean).

Added stock EC05 initramfs files.
Added stock EC05 kernel source files.
Added this README.
Configured git line endings (