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JustMVVM is the simplest ever MVVM framework. Unlike Prism, MVVMLight or Caliburn.Micro, JustMVVM just does 2 things. There's an implementation for INotifyPropertyChanged and for ICommand.

JustMVVM came about because I felt like the bigger frameworks had a little too much going on in them, and I like to know exactly how all this stuff works. I was also getting fed up of copying the same classes into my projects every time I created a new WPF project, so I also put this into NuGet as a package you can download directly.

MVVMBase is the base class implementing the INotifyPropertyChanged interface. It can be used like this -

Public class Card : MVVMBase
	private eSuit _suit;
	public eSuit Suit
		get { return _suit; }
			_suit = value;
			// Any of the following ways work to notify property changed
			OnPropertyChanged("Suit");			// By string name
			OnPropertyChanged(() => Suit);		// By function name
			OnPropertyChanged();				// By CallerMemberFunction

That's it, super simple!

RelayCommand is the other class in the library and it is a really simple implementation of ICommand. It can be used like this -

<Button Command="{Binding ShuffleDeckCommand}" />

public ICommand ShuffleDeckCommand { get { return new RelayCommand(ShuffleDeckExec, CanShuffleDeckExec); } }

private bool CanShuffleDeckExec()
    return _isGameComplete;

private void ShuffleDeckExec()

or with using RelayCommand <T>

<Button Command="{Binding ShuffleDeckCommand}"
		CommandParameter={Binding Deck}/>

public ICommand ShuffleDeckCommand { get { return new RelayCommand<Deck>(ShuffleDeckExec, CanShuffleDeckExec); } }

private bool CanShuffleDeckExec(Deck deck)
    return deck != null && _isGameComplete;

private void ShuffleDeckExec(Deck deck)

That's it. Hope you like it!