A variety of JavaScript component in which prototype structure is retained.
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Prototype Trees

The code in this repository implements a new kind of JavaScript component: the prototype tree.

Prototypical inheritance is central to JavaScript. However, in normal practice, prototype structure is missing from stored (e.g, JSON) versions of objects. Prototype trees, however, retain prototype structure when stored. Here is a technical description.

Included in this repository is the implementation of prototype trees in general, but also as elaborated for a particular domain: 2d visual structures rendered via SVG.

A related project, ProtoPedia, is an open diagramming system based on prototype trees, and consitututes a proof of concept for the technology.

A simple test harness, with examples, can be seen over at https://protopedia.org/coreExamples.html. This test harness illustrates direct use of the open source code; ProtoPedia has additional capabilities. Also, documentation can be found at the ProtoPedia site. Sections 4 - 10 in the coding guide cover the workings of prototype trees.

If you fork this repo, have a look at the README for /admin.