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This is Chris Albon's collection of personal notes on coding, statistics, machine learning, and technical management. These notes are posted publically at What is in this repo will not be useful to other folks.


The master record of a note is either a Jupyter Notebook or a Markdown file. These files are in the content folder. The website HTML is contained in the docs folder.

Full Deploy Procedure

  1. Run make.ipynb to convert the Jupyter Notebooks and associated images into Markdown files.
  2. Run hugo to convert the Markdown files into HTML pages.
  3. Run git add -A
  4. Run git commit -m "commit message"
  5. Run git push

Markdown Head Metadata Example

title: "Give Table An Alias"
author: "Chris Albon"
date: 2019-01-28T00:00:00-07:00
description: "Give a table an alias in Snowflake using SQL."
type: technical_note
draft: false

Useful Aliases

To reduce the barriers to publishing a new note as much as possible, here are some useful aliases for your .bash_profile:

# Notes Project

# Go to Notes folder
alias nn='cd /Users/chrisalbon/dropbox/cra/projects/notes'

# Go to Notes folder and open Jupyter Notebook
alias njn='cd /Users/chrisalbon/dropbox/cra/projects/notes && jupyter notebook'

# Launch in Hugo server of Notes site
alias nhs='cd /Users/chrisalbon/dropbox/cra/projects/notes && hugo server'

# Publish a new note
alias nnn='cd /Users/chrisalbon/dropbox/cra/projects/notes && git pull && hugo && git add -A && git commit -m "made changes" && gp && git push'

Note that when you run nnn you might be prompted for an application password. You can get that / generate that from in account settings.

To Do

  • Fix Github issues
  • Hunt for minor errors
  • Refactor make.ipynb to make it .py and cleaner
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