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A tutorial website for Markdown (work in progress).
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Markdown Garden

A little corner of the Internet that's all about Markdown.

Installing Locally

This guide assumes that you already have Git, Ruby, RubyGems, and Bundler installed on your development machine.

git clone git://
cd markdown-garden
bundle exec middleman

Then visit http://localhost:4567 to view the website.

Making Changes Locally

You can edit the guides in /source/guides. These guides should all be valid CommonMark.

Guide file and directory names should be a lowercase, parameterised, version of the guide's title, using stringex-style parameterisation. Guides that have subguides should be placed in a subdirectory using the same naming convention; the guide itself should have the filename

To add new guides or reorder existing guides, edit /data/guides.yml. The table of contents (including links) will be automatically generated based on the convention used in the YAML file and directory/file names of the guides.

Once changes have been made, run the bundle exec middleman command to generate a new static version of the site (and run it locally). Then visit http://localhost:4567 to view the changes.

Publishing Changes

Once changes are ready to be pushed, commit and push to the master branch (or create a pull request if you don't have permission).

git add -A
git commit -m "Update the website with new awesome changes"
git push origin master

Now publish the website:

rm -rf build
bundle exec rake publish

This will build a static version of the website and replace the contents of the gh-pages branch with this new version. The changes will now be live on the GitHub Pages site.

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