OSC WebSocket stream using Tornado
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This is an example of catching OSC messages in a thread, adding them to a Queue and streaming them via WebSockets with Python using the Tornado framework.

Here is a 14 second demo video:


Capable of being run in production as is, but would recommend running behind NGINX.

To use:

1) run the server:
$>python main.py

2) load the page to create a websocket connection to the server
open a browser and navigate to localhost:8888

3) run an OSC sender, i provide a simple test:
$>python simple_test.py

If these powers combine, you'll see the values streamed to your browser window.

The communication is bidirectional.  This technique can be used for all sorts of cool projects, with a minor modification you can even stream video/audio with just javascript on the front-end.