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This is the source repository for Ceptre, a tiny logic programming language for prototyping rulesets that you can run, interact with, and analyze.

Binaries for OS X/Win/Linux available here:

Ceptre runs on a Unix-based command line (for now), so you will need to know your way around a shell to use it.

Please see this tutorial to get started!

To compile from source:

  • Get MLton (

  • Clone the repo, and get cmlib into the lib/cmlib directory:

    git submodule update --init --recursive

  • From the top-level directory, run



    ./ceptre path/to/filename.cep,

  • Examples live in examples/ and the relevant ones to Ceptre are those that end in .cep.

    So you might try

    ./ceptre "examples/small.cep"

    Which will run the first #trace command given in that file.