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These are my dotfiles. They are awesome.
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These are my dotfiles. They are awesome.

This repo contains my dotfiles which I use at OS X and FreeBSD systems. This set features a nice and fast zsh config, a neat vim environment and a tmux config.


The zsh prompt is handcrafted to look neat and give some extra info. When you are root the user- and hostname color changes from blue to red. If you are connected via ssh, the prompt will show some green arrows behind the working path and when you are in a git repository, it will show some git infos at the right side.

The tmux config contains some nice settings to make my work a bit easier and look nice.

My color scheme is Smyck Color Scheme by hukl and my font is Source Code Pro by Adobe Fonts.

The repo ships with a Makefile that you can use to deploy and update the dotfiles.

# help

Usage: command {params}

list 			List all files that will be copied
update 			Update the git repo and the included submodules
deploy 			Copy the files to ~
install 		Update and deploy these dotfiles
help 			Show this screen

The dotfiles will be copied to your ~.


  1. Get the dotfiles.

     git clone
  2. Deploy

     ./ install
  3. Enjoy!

If you want to update to the newest version, run update from within the dotfiles folder and deploy to copy the updated files.


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