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Run release build in main build command

Should be faster since gradlew can run the tasks
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chrisbanes committed Feb 20, 2020
1 parent d038fde commit 63dbf7e9f5e4b76ccb33ba03a3801eef8543ff5d
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  1. +3 −7 .github/workflows/build.yml
@@ -48,16 +48,12 @@ jobs:
restore-keys: |
${{ runner.os }}-gradle-
- name: Build debug and check
run: ./gradlew spotlessCheck app:assembleDebug app:lintDebug testDebug -Ptivi.versioncode=$BUILD_NUMBER --scan

- name: Build release
if: github.ref != 'refs/heads/master'
run: ./gradlew assembleRelease bundleRelease -Ptivi.versioncode=$BUILD_NUMBER --scan
- name: Build and check
run: ./gradlew spotlessCheck assembleDebug assembleRelease bundleRelease app:lintDebug testDebug -Ptivi.versioncode=$BUILD_NUMBER --scan

- name: Publish to Play Store
if: github.ref == 'refs/heads/master'
run: ./gradlew assembleRelease publishRelease -Ptivi.versioncode=$BUILD_NUMBER --scan
run: ./gradlew publishRelease -Ptivi.versioncode=$BUILD_NUMBER --scan

- name: Create release for tags
uses: softprops/action-gh-release@v1

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