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jQuery Plugins Site CouchDB System Design Documentation

Example URLs to test the source paths:

##Every plugin has a pluginType field with one of these values:

  • "public",
  • "jquery"
  • "jquery-ui"

###To get all the plugins of a certain type, you go here:

The keys are an array of ["TYPE", "plugin name"], which results in plugins of the same type also being grouped by their names. So, if you wanted all of the public plugins, you'd go to:["PUBLIC"]&endkey=["PUBLIC",{}]

Full text searching with couchdb-lucene (v0.6.0) can be a bit funky if you're not used to lucene. The [semi-poor] documentation is available at

Some example lucene queries

Full text search for the string "bwah":

Full text search for the string "bbq", and telling couchdb-lucene to include the full doc for each result:

There is also a special field in the index for pluginType, so you can choose to restrict search results by the type of plugin. For example (including docs):