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An easy way to reinitialize the WordPress database to its default settings.
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WordPress Database Reset

A plugin that allows you to skip the 5 minute installation and reset WordPress's database back to its original state.


  • Extremely fast one click process to reset the WordPress database
  • Choose to reset the entire database or specific database tables
  • Secure and super simple to use
  • Prefer the command line? Reset the database in one command
  • Excellent for theme and plugin developers who need to clean the database of any unnecessary content quickly

###Command Line Once activated, you can use the WordPress Database Reset plugin with WordPress CLI.

#####Reset the database

wp reset database

Want to specify a list of tables to reset?

wp reset database --tables='users, posts, comments, options'

The current theme and plugins will be reactivated by default. You can disable them like so:

wp reset database --no-reactivate

#####List the table names Use the list command if you're unsure of the database table names:

wp reset list


Contribute by sending in a plugin suggestion, an improvement or a pull request. If you are having an issue with the plugin, you can file an issue on the GitHub issue page or create a post on the WordPress support forum.


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