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An easy way to reinitialize the WordPress database to its default settings.
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WordPress Database Reset

WordPress Database Reset is a secure and easy way to reinitialize your WordPress database back to its default settings without actually having to reinstall WordPress yourself.

This plugin will come in handy for both theme and plugin developers. There are different use case scenarios - one of which is being able to easily erase excess junk in the wp_options table that accumulates over time. Another would be to simply obtain a fresh install of the WordPress database after experimenting with various back-end options.


WordPress Database Reset is kept up to date following the newest versions of WordPress 3.0+.


Copy the wordpress-database-reset folder to your wp-content/plugins directory. Activate the plugin. You will then be redirected to the plugin page.


Contributing does not necessarily mean writing tons of code for the project. It could be as small as sending in a plugin suggestion or improvement. If you are having an issue with the plugin, you can file the issue to the GitHub issue page. Have a fix? Pull Request it!


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