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Google Sheets Lambda

A simple lambda to integrate with the Google Sheets API

These are the steps to get this up and running. Firstly, clone this repo, then:

Install the package

npm install

Authenticate the request

In your browser:

  • Head over to the Google Developers Console and create a new project
  • Now go to Enable APIs and Services and enable the Google Drive API
  • Now navigate to Create Credentials:
    • Select Google Drive API from Which API are you using?
    • Select Web server from Where will you be calling the API from
    • Select Application data from What data will you be accessing?
    • Select No for the API with App Engine question
    • Create some credentials (setting the Role as Editor)
    • Ensure JSON is selected

The above steps should prompt a download of a JSON file. Rename this file to client_secret.json and put it in the root directory of this repo.

Open your client_secret.json file and copy the email address (without the quotation marks) next to client_email. Go to the spreadsheet you've created and share it with this email address.

Add the ID of the spreadsheet

Head back over to the browser and fetch the ID of the spreadsheet from the URL.

Update the variable googleSheetID with this ID.

Alter the cleanData method

Make sure that the cleanData method contains all of your column names. The ones included are just a sample.

ZIP it up

Zip up the entire repo and upload it to your Lambda, ensuring all of the code in the repo goes in the root of your Lambda function's directory.


A simple lambda to integrate with Google Sheets






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