A Chome extension to block distractions in the Stack Exchange network
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##SE Block ####A Google Chrome Extension

SE Block logo

This is a Google Chrome extension that cleans up some of the cruft from the otherwise excellent Stack Exchange pages. Get it from the Chrome Store here!

The idea for the extension came about as I started my first job as a web developer and, subsequently, came to spend more and more of my day scanning Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Ask Ubuntu, &c. I became increasingly distracted by the sidebar links, which may have had to do with all of the coffee I drink.

Rather than just popping open the browser console to individually hide the modules on especially jittery days, I decided to just write an extension to block them all of the time.

built using the Yeoman generator for Chrome extensions

Please note that this code collects no information. It simply searches for specifically-named divs and hides them.