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Idiomatic CSS Comments for Sublime Text

Idiomatic CSS style comments for Sublime Text. Comment format based on Idiomatic CSS by @necolas.

Thanks to @scottyeck there are Sass style comments also available.


You can install via the Sublime Text Package Control (http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/package_control) and search for Idiomatic CSS Comments.


There are several shortcuts for the different comment blocks.

Basic Comment

Enter the shortcut com-basic followed by the tab key

/* This is a basic comment */

Section Comment

Enter the shortcut com-section followed by the tab key

/* ==========================================================================
   This is a Section Comment
   ========================================================================== */

Sub-Section Comment

Enter the shortcut com-sub followed by the tab key

   This is a sub-section comment
   ========================================================================== */

Long Comment

Enter the shortcut com-long followed by the tab key

 * Short description using Doxygen-style comment format
 * The first sentence of the long description starts here and continues on this
 * line for a while finally concluding here at the end of this paragraph.
 * The long description is ideal for more detailed explanations and
 * documentation. It can include example HTML, URLs, or any other information
 * that is deemed necessary or useful.
 * @tag This is a tag named 'tag'
 * TODO: This is a todo statement that describes an atomic task to be completed
 *   at a later date. It wraps after 80 characters and following lines are
 *   indented by 2 spaces.

Todo List Comment

Enter the shortcut com-todo followed by the tab key

 * TODO:
 * => Write some code
 * => Make some lists

Sass-style Comments

Each of the comment-types listed above can be rendered in the form of a Sass-style comment using the shortcuts listed below.

  • Basic Comment (Sass) - com-sass-basic
  • Section Comment (Sass) - com-sass-section
  • Sub-Section Comment (Sass) - com-sass-sub
  • Long Comment (Sass) - com-sass-long
  • Todo List Comment (Sass) - com-sass-todo

As before, each shortcut should be followed by the tab key.