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# Borrowed with modifications from
# Replace these with your own:
# [UID]
# [GID]
check process resque_worker_[QUEUE]
with pidfile /var/run/resque/worker_[QUEUE].pid
start program = "/bin/sh -c 'APP_INCLUDE=[APP_INCLUDE] QUEUE=[QUEUE] VERBOSE=1 PIDFILE=/var/run/resque/worker_[QUEUE].pid nohup php -f [PATH/TO/RESQUE]/resque.php > /var/log/resque/worker_[QUEUE].log &'" as uid [UID] and gid [GID]
stop program = "/bin/sh -c 'kill -s QUIT `cat /var/run/resque/worker_[QUEUE].pid` && rm -f /var/run/resque/worker_[QUEUE].pid; exit 0;'"
if totalmem is greater than 300 MB for 10 cycles then restart # eating up memory?
group resque_workers
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