Create event to allow job instance creation to be delegated outside Resque #51

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The addition of a createInstance event allows the code using Resque to implement its own instantation methods. My use case was to extract jobs pre-configured with their object dependencies from a DIC.

This event can also handle instances of providing a backward compatible instantiation method if the current instantiation method changes .

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Look into job instantiation deferral #3


I'd be more inclined to have my job classes handle that kind of operation, personally. Jobs should be composed of classes designed for that express purpose - being used as a Resque job. The job class can then extract and instantiate/initialize whatever other objects you've stored as the actual work, and can make appropriate calls to ensure that work gets done. This is a far cleaner approach than trying to shoehorn existing classes/objects into the role of a Resque job.


Thanks for chiming in Dan - I definitely agree with your thoughts on this one. Am going to close for now.

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