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(issues to work on, in the order of importance):
- clean up does not work? (instn data isn't removed after :wq in narrowed window)
- When disabling Narrowing using :NRN and one quits the buffer,
should the highlighting be removed? (it doesn't yet)
- I really need some tests, like:
* Visual Narrowing
* Narrowing 1 Region
* Narrowing several independent regions with setting the g:nrrw_rgn_protect
* Multi line narrowing
### Resolved
- When switching buffers using :b in the window, that was narrowed, the highlighting is keept.
(should be resolved)
- highlighting wrong for char visual mode
(e.g. select a word, press \nr and the whole line will be highlighted)
- Use nrrwrgn#NrrwRgnStatus() to make a nice statusline for e.g. vim-airline
-> latest airline supports a nice statusline for narrowed window
- Implement MultiEditing for :NRM
-> Invalid: multiple cursors is different, not part of a narrowed feature
- New Mapping. The motion over which one moves will be opened in a narrowed window.
-> <leader>nr in normal mode