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bad behaviour with Powerline #3

lyokha opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Alexey Radkov chrisbra
Alexey Radkov


Nice plugin! Only i found that it breaks Powerline status line when :FinishRecovery issued. The problem arises from s:ModifySTL() when argument enable is 0. Actually it tries to restore &stl from value of s:ostl - but this value, created upon plugin's start has nothing to do with value of &stl on :FinishRecovery moment if Powerline is installed - Powerline just changes it to something like %!Pl#Statusline(0,1) and restoring &stl from older s:ostl breaks Powerline status line.

Some workaround could be: store also new value of &stl in variable, say, s:nstl and then, when restoring &stl, check if it changed - if it changed (e.g. By Powerline) then just do nothing.

fu! s:ModifySTL(enable) "{{{1
if a:enable
" Inject some info into the statusline
:let s:ostl=&stl
:let s:nstl=substitute(&stl, '%f', "\0 %{exists('b:mod')?('['.b:mod.']') : ''}", 'g')
:let stl=s:nstl
" Restore old statusline setting
if exists("s:ostl") && s:nstl == &stl
let &stl=s:ostl

This workaround won't break old behaviour and will fix the issue with Powerline (it works for me).

Alexey Radkov

Sorry, there is a typo, printed

:let stl=s:nstl

must be

:let &stl=s:nstl

chrisbra chrisbra referenced this issue from a commit
chrisbra fix issue #3 e582f4f
chrisbra chrisbra closed this
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