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Change README to for rendering of the formatting #21

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I have changed the file README to so that the formattings are there which are rendered by GitHub Flavored Markdown
Other things unchanged
Formatting rendering correctly (links etc.)


Very nice. Thanks!

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+*recover.vim* Show differences for recovered files
+Author: Christian Brabandt <>
+Version: 0.17 Sat, 16 Feb 2013 23:04:09 +0100
+Copyright: (c) 2009, 2010 by Christian Brabandt
+ The VIM LICENSE applies to recoverPlugin.vim and recoverPlugin.txt
+ (see |copyright|) except use recoverPlugin instead of "Vim".
+1. Contents *recoverPlugin*
+ 1. Contents.....................................: |recoverPlugin|
+ 2. recover Manual...............................: |recover-manual|
+ 3. recover Feedback.............................: |recover-feedback|
+ 4. recover History..............................: |recover-history|
+2. RecoverPlugin Manual *recover-manual*
+When using |recovery|, it is hard to tell, what has been changed between the
+recovered file and the actual on disk version. The aim of this plugin is, to
+have an easy way to see differences, between the recovered files and the files
+stored on disk.
+Therefore this plugin sets up an auto command, that will create a diff buffer
+between the recovered file and the on-disk version of the same file. You can
+easily see, what has been changed and save your recovered work back to the
+file on disk.
+By default this plugin is enabled. To disable it, use >
+ :RecoverPluginDisable
+To enable this plugin again, use >
+ :RecoverPluginEnable
+When you open a file and vim detects, that an |swap-file| already exists for a
+buffer, the plugin presents the default Swap-Exists dialog from Vim adding one
+additional option for Diffing (but leaves out the lengthy explanation about
+handling Swapfiles that Vim by default shows): >
+ Found a swap file by the name "test/normal/.testfile.swp"
+ owned by: chrisbra dated: Wed Nov 28 16:26:42 2012
+ file name: ~chrisbra/code/git/vim/Recover/test/normal/testfile
+ modified: YES
+ user name: chrisbra host name: R500
+ process ID: 4878 [not existing]
+ While opening file "test/normal/testfile"
+ dated: Tue Nov 6 20:11:55 2012
+ Please choose:
+ D[i]ff, (O)pen Read-Only, (E)dit anyway, (R)ecover, (Q)uit, (A)bort, (D)elete:
+(Note, that additionally, it shows in the process ID row the name of the
+process that has the process id or [not existing] if that process doesn't
+exist.) Simply use the key, that is highlighted to chose the option. If you
+press Ctrl-C, the default dialog of Vim will be shown.
+If you have said 'Diff', the plugin opens a new vertical splitt buffer. On the
+left side, you'll find the file as it is stored on disk and the right side
+will contain your recovered version of the file (using the found swap file).
+You can now use the |merge| commands to copy the contents to the buffer that
+holds your recovered version. If you are finished, you can close the diff
+version and close the window, by issuing |:diffoff!| and |:close| in the
+window, that contains the on-disk version of the file. Be sure to save the
+recovered version of you file and afterwards you can safely remove the swap
+ *RecoverPluginFinish* *FinishRecovery*
+In the recovered window, the command >
+ :FinishRecovery
+deletes the swapfile closes the diff window and finishes everything up.
+Alternatively you can also use the command >
+ :RecoveryPluginFinish
+ *RecoverPluginHelp*
+The command >
+ :RecoverPluginHelp
+show a small message, on what keys can be used to move to the next different
+region and how to merge the changes from one windo into the other.
+ *RecoverPlugin-misc*
+If your Vim was built with |+balloon_eval|, recover.vim will also set up an
+balloon expression, that shows you, which buffer contains the recovered
+version of your file and which buffer contains the unmodified on-disk version
+of your file, if you move the mouse of the buffer. (See |balloon-eval|).
+If you have setup your 'statusline', recover.vim will also inject some info
+(which buffer contains the on-disk version and which buffer contains the
+modified, recovered version). Additionally the buffer that is read-only, will
+have a filename (|:f|) of something like 'original file (on disk-version)'. If
+you want to save that version, use |:saveas|.
+3. Plugin Feedback *recover-feedback*
+Feedback is always welcome. If you like the plugin, please rate it at the
+You can also follow the development of the plugin at github:
+Please don't hesitate to report any bugs to the maintainer, mentioned in the
+third line of this document.
+4. recover History *recover-history*
+0.17 Feb 16, 2013 "{{{1
+- fix issue 17 ( patch by
+ lyokha, thanks!)
+- Use default key combinations in the dialog of the normal Vim dialog (adding
+ only the Diff option)
+- Make sure, the process ID is shown
+0.16: Nov 21, 2012 "{{{1
+- Recovery did not work, when original file did not exists (issue 11
+ reported by Rking, thanks!)
+- By default, delete swapfile, if no differences found (issue 15
+ reported by Rking, thanks!)
+- reset 'swapfile' option, so that Vim by default creates .swp files
+ (idea and patch by Marcin Szamotulski, thanks!)
+- capture and display |E325| message (and also try to figure out the name of
+ the pid (issue 12
+0.15: Aug 20, 2012 "{{{1
+- fix issue 5 ( patch by
+ lyokha, thanks!)
+- CheckSwapFileExists() hangs, when a swap file was not found, make sure,
+ s:Swapname() returns a valid file name
+- fix issue 6 ( patch by
+ lyokha, thanks!)
+- Avoid recursive :redir call (
+ patch by Ingo Karkat, thanks!)
+- Do not set 'bexpr' for unrelated buffers (
+ patch by Ingo Karkat,
+ thanks!)
+- Avoid aborting the diff (
+ patch by Ingo Karkat, thanks!)
+- Allow to directly delete the swapfile (
+ suggested by jgandt,
+ thanks!)
+0.14: Mar 31, 2012 "{{{1
+- still some problems with issue #4
+0.13: Mar 29, 2012 "{{{1
+- fix issue 3 ( reported by
+ lyokha, thanks!)
+- Ask the user to delete the swapfile (issue
+ reported by lyokha,
+ thanks!)
+0.12: Mar 25, 2012 "{{{1
+- minor documentation update
+- delete swap files, if no difference found (issue
+ reported by y, thanks!)
+- fix some small issues, that prevented the development versions from working
+ ( reported by Rahul Kumar,
+ thanks!)
+0.11: Oct 19, 2010 "{{{1
+- use confirm() instead of inputdialog() (suggested by D.Fishburn, thanks!)
+0.9: Jun 02, 2010 "{{{1
+- use feedkeys(...,'t') instead of feedkeys() (this works more reliable,
+ although it pollutes the history), so delete those spurious history entries
+- |RecoverPluginHelp| shows a small help message, about diff commands
+ (suggested by David Fishburn, thanks!)
+- |RecoverPluginFinish| is a shortcut for |FinishRecovery|
+0.8: Jun 01, 2010 "{{{1
+- make :FinishRecovery more robust
+0.7: Jun 01, 2010 "{{{1
+- |FinishRecovery| closes the diff-window and cleans everything up (suggestion
+ by David Fishburn)
+- DeleteSwapFile is not needed anymore
+0.6: May 31, 2010 "{{{1
+- |recover-feedback|
+- Ask to really open a diff buffer for a file (suggestion: David Fishburn,
+ thanks!)
+- DeleteSwapFile to delete the swap file, that was used to create the diff
+ buffer
+- change feedkeys(...,'t') to feedkeys('..') so that not every command appears
+ in the history.
+0.5: May 04, 2010 "{{{1
+- 0r command in recover plugin adds extra \n
+ Patch by Sergey Khorev (Thanks!)
+- generate help file with 'et' set, so the README at github looks prettier
+0.4: Apr 26, 2010 "{{{1
+- handle Windows and Unix path differently
+- Code cleanup
+- Enabled |:GLVS|
+0.3: Apr 20, 2010 "{{{1
+- first public verion
+- put plugin on a public repository
+ (
+0.2: Apr 18, 2010 "{{{1
+- Internal version, some cleanup, bugfixes for windows
+0.1: Apr 17, 2010 "{{{1
+- Internal version, First working version, using simple commands
+Modeline: "{{{1
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