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"E605: Exception not caught: emptyfile" when using :SudoWrite on a fresh profile #1

blueyed opened this Issue November 11, 2011 · 2 comments

2 participants

Daniel Hahler chrisbra
Daniel Hahler

I have just used :SudoWrite on a fresh profile (mkdir /tmp/h ; HOME=/tmp/h ; vim), and got the following error:

Error detected while processing function SudoEdit#SudoDo:
line    5:
E605: Exception not caught: emptyfile
Daniel Hahler

The error here really is the missing file name.. I get "E32: No file name" when using the regular ":w", too.

Just a matter of handling the error of a missing file better.


Should be fixed with revision: 68c7fae
Thanks for reporting!

chrisbra chrisbra closed this December 06, 2011
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