Support for "sudo" via netrw's scp method #4

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When trying to ":SudoWrite" a file opened via the netrw plugin (e.g. "scp://host//etc/fstab"), it fails as follows:

Error detected while processing function SudoEdit#SudoDo:
line   17:
There was an error writing the file!

It would be great if SudoWrite could manage this by e.g. logging in via "ssh" and copy/write the file using sudo from there.


Revision 0b1486f should contain support for using netrw writing.


This will just ask / allow for a different user before writing, doesn't it?

This is different from writing the file using "sudo".

What do you think about uploading a temporary file and moving it using sudo, similar to the local approach when "su" is being used?
This should get limited to the relevant netrw protocols like "scp" and "sftp" probably.


Yes, the idea was to simply upload as the priviliged user.
How else would you want to use sudo over a remote system? If you use sftp/scp that doesn't mean, you can execute arbitrary commands like mv'ing a temporary file to its final destination. Well, we could try it, but if it doesn't work, we are possibly littering the remote system. I am not sure, that is a solution.

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